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Strategies for government

  • Developing an industry engagement strategy for a state government plan to address housing affordability for low income private renters, social housing tenants and the homeless.
  • Developing a communication and stakeholder engagement strategy for the large-scale management transfer of government-owned social housing to the community housing sector.

Health promotion speeches

Speeches for senior executives on:

  • The use of Behavioural Insights to nudge positive health behavioural change in individuals and populations.
  • The social determinants of health in the context of people entering the justice system for an address to a judicial conference.
  • The role gender equality plays in combatting family violence and creating resilient communities
  • Gender and responses to disaster and emergency management. 

Public health messages

  • Developing age and risk-related messaging for the recruitment of women into a statewide breast cancer screening program.

Telling engaging stories

  • Video, photographic and text-based story telling projects for community housing organisations on tenants for whom safe, affordable housing has been life changing.

Creating a digital & social media presence

  • Project managing the redevelopment of a website, from managing the tender process to overseeing the design development and content review.
  • Establishing and managing a suite of social media platforms for a CEO with regular text, photo and video content, and the recruitment and engagement of followers.
  • Managing a quarterly e-newsletter targeting corporate and government stakeholders.

Under the media spotlight

  • Media training key spokespeople at a multinational optometry and audiology business in the lead up to the launch of a new Australian service.
  • Media training fund managers on how to engage finance journalists on Australian and global investment sectors and opportunities.
  • Skilling the governance team of a professional association to conduct media interviews on dental health issues in positive and issues management environments.

Reporting to stakeholders

  • Writing and project managing production of a Capability Document for not-for-profit organisation.
  • Development of digital and hard copy Annual Reports - including writing, design liaison and project management - for a superannuation fund, a public health agency and a not-for-profit housing company.

New brand for new regulator

  • Establishing a visual identity, branded communication tools and public profile for a new industry regulatory body.
  • Advising on how to integrate several state-based housing brands into a single national brand.

Strategic recruitment

  • Conducting desktop and competitor interview research into the recommended size, roles and functions of a marcomms team 

Pitching for business

  • Preparing the tender team in a multi-firm consortia to present for a major business opportunity with local government.
  • Writing and strategic advice for a specialist NSW insurance law firm tendering for the work of leading Australian insurers.