Just Anna offers client-customised training in:

Media training

Media training

Preparing your team for effective media interviews through:

  • An understanding of how the media works
  • Exploring key messages for topics of expertise
  • Reviewing media clips for lessons on the do's and don'ts
  • Working with real-life, customised media scenarios and questions
  • Practising and critiqueing interview performance.

Training can be delivered face-to-face or online.

Media coaching

Media coaching

One-on-one coaching with CEOs, senior executives and professionals to:

  • Prepare for real media opportunities
  • Practice messages
  • Manage risk issues
  • Build performance confidence.

Coaching can be delivered face-to-face or online.


Media awareness training

Media awareness training

How to raise your professional profile or that of others in your organisation through media relations by better understanding:

  • How the media works
  • What journalists are looking for
  • How to pitch a story idea
  • How to write a media release
  • The role of social media.

The training workshops and "road tests" media story ideas generated by participants.

Presentation training

Presentation training

Working with your team to plan and deliver successful speeches, pitches and presentations to:

  • Create a personal and corporate brand
  • Identify performance strengths and areas for improvement
  • Show thought leadership
  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Win tenders and submissions.
Presentation coaching

Presentation coaching

One-on-one coaching to help you deliver engaging speeches and presentations that:

  • Critique all aspects of content and performance
  • Speak authentically in your voice
  • Deliver your organisation's key messages
  • Connect with audiences
  • Have the power to move, change attitudes and inspire positive action.
Issues management coaching

Issues management coaching

Supporting CEOs and senior executives to manage reputation through:

  • issues management plans for dealing with key stakeholders
  • media messaging and management
  • acting as an independent sounding board and support
Stakeholder engagement training

Stakeholder engagement training

Helping you better understand and communicate with your key stakeholders though:

  • Understanding of the principles of effective stakeholder management
  • Engagement techniques for external audiences 
  • Engagement techniques for internal audiences
  • Identification of the right tools and tactics
  • Stakeholder engagement for change management projects.